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Poster: Mr Cranky Date: Jul 2, 2014 12:02pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

Advertizements, pure and simple. It would be useful to have a filter available for the recently posted video section.
I'd email but that seems to go to the bit bucket.
I figure the poor unpaid interns who use the address and post these will move on to something more useful soon.

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Poster: Arkiver Date: Jul 3, 2014 4:03pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

"I figure the poor unpaid interns who use the address and post these will move on to something more useful soon."
That hurts man.... Please don't write those things so immediatly.....
This is clearly advertising:
But this isn't clearly advertising:

Please just don't use things like "poor unpaid interns" and "Advertizements, pure and simple" about me and my items.

Thank you,


This is the post I placed on the other thread as reaction to your thread:

Hi Mr Cranky,

I thought it would be good to respond. To be clear: I'm human and I'm not a spammer!
I do believe this material is archive worthy... ;)
The collection is now here: (the videos that remain will be moved to there in some time)
The other collection I'm working on is here: (thought you're maybe interested)

Thank you and I hope you understand,


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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Jul 3, 2014 5:55pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

Actually I personally don't se how you are able to post 17 PAGES of .... stuff in a single night.

an' I too havta agree - - - if you are the source of such over posting - - - -

like many others that WILL be posting complaint So am I.

I truly don't care to see this site over-run with 'tweakers'.... either.

Noah 8-?

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Poster: Arkiver Date: Jul 4, 2014 1:27am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

I'm not doing that by hand... I'm using scripts and S3 to upload everything in bulk.

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Jul 4, 2014 3:56am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

Well, DON'T!

Wow... Whatta lotta 'collection'

Tag with Jeff and make arrangements with him to transfer your collection sommers that doesn't overload his incoming door.

From what I have seen so far you would not want me to guess whether you are trying to 'Share' your collection or 'Impose' it.

How's that , Jeff?

Noah 8-?

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Poster: Arkiver Date: Jul 4, 2014 4:44am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

wow.... serious?
You're getting angry about that?
I already had contact with Jeff about the collection and I don't think it is a very big problem that I'm bulk uploading files....

Well, DON'T say what I have to do and what I can't do.

I think you have no idea that quite some people are using scripts to upload there files to the Archive and not putting them on the DVD's and sending them all the Archive.
Also, my upload do not overload his "incoming door". According to the weathermap the "incoming door" is now used for around 10 to 25 percent of what it can handle (and I'm only using a small percentage of that 10 to 25 percent that is used).

Before you make a comment and accuse me of things like overloading do some research.

I DON'T care how you are spending hours and hours to put items on a disc, sending them to the Archive and then let them put them all on the website. I do these things MY WAY. If you think I only "impose" my collection, you can think that. I don't think that and I think a lot of other people also don't think that.


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Poster: Mr Cranky Date: Jul 4, 2014 5:07am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Twerkers'?

Welcome to the Internet Archive,Chip. A collection is the best answer for the traffic problem your site created. As I indicated in a previous post, who can judge what is useful on the internet and what is a collection of duplicated information created by companies to attract credits and clicks

But the troll that I am has some questions.
1. You say you are not an unpaid intern. So how much are you paid to barrage other sites with packaged Adz?
2. The data available indicate since July 1, 2014 you have uploaded 59 pages with an average of 56 Adz per page. That's about 3300 in four days or 825 a day. There are 1440 minutes in a day bringing you to 1.5 uploads a minute. Even if the Collection process has changed the file date stamps, Chip, when do you sleep?
3. And your computer sent a file that contained bits indicating in English that my comments had an emotional effect. Your Uploads and comments seem to have no regard to the feelings of the community you have invaded with the Adz uploaded. Can you please increase the empathy percentage of your program?

As I typed earlier, Welcome to the Internet Archive. As I have learned from the comments on my own uploads, not everyone is a fan and many are Mr Jones.

Post Troll; Your download count per item is smaller than mine by a decimal point spread that a human would find embarrassing.

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Poster: Arkiver Date: Jul 4, 2014 5:30am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

I am not doing this for money, I am not being paid or whatever as you think I am.

Also, I do not believe these items are ads, just as with other items, I think these items need to be saved. They are trailers of games, but also reviews and previews of new devices and other technologies, which is very interesting for some people. I am putting the Original Url on every upload to make sure people can find the original page where the video came from. And for the 100000th time, I'm using bulk upload scripts.

You're talking about the community, can you speak for the community? You are not "the community"...

I do not care about the download count on my items, I'm just trying to archive the items I think need to be archived. I do that because I like it, I'm happy when the items are in the archive, but I don't care about the download count...

Last thing, what do you mean "my site"?

Also, don't change the title of the post from Tweakers to Twerkers please.

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Jul 4, 2014 6:14am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

To Jeff Kaplan and Archive's moderators

Apparently Arkiver isn't satisfied with his own area to upload till the server is stuffed.

We STILL have 20% to maybe 35% 'Tweakers' filling up the General Video area.

They are EVERYwhere.

Arkiver seems determined to make sure the general participants at Archive have AMPLE opportunity to notice his/her contributions.... Sorta like sharing your own music throughout another neighborhood with Volkswagon sized speakers with volume enough to penetrate state bounderies.

Some folks have a notion of what's right or wrong (ethics) that is just wonderful.... really. You might even consider going to church with them - - - - until - - - - you find out that unless you are a vetted member of that crowd - - - all bets are off. With clear consience they can hurt, steal, lie, abuse ANYone not of their crowd. Rules? What rules? The your/our rules don't apply to them - - -

Here we are asking Arkiver to take his business elsewhere and he give excuses all the while that he continues to impose these 'Tweakers'. All this is doing is giving him more time to fill up the servers with all this..... stuff.

I wonder what form these 'inconviences' will take - - - next time.

Noah 8-?

A Week of this is enough.

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Poster: Arkiver Date: Jul 4, 2014 7:11am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

All I can say to that post, and I am sorry for the words, but "What the fuck?????"...

I NEVER said I wasn't satisfied with my own area, the collection. I like it that I have my collection for the videos now.
I already said sorry for the small problem with my uploads. I thought to first upload the items to the opensource collection and then ask for a collection for the items to be created. That was my mistake, but there is no need for all this nonsense.

The items are not EVERYwhere, they are all in the tweakers collection. I can't find any of the tweakers items in this list anymore:;sort=-publicdate&page=1

Tweakers is not my only collection, I'm also uploading original NASA images taken by astronauts from the ISS station, here:
But apparently you two just go all-in on one collection of me you don't like.


I will just continue uploading my own items into my collections, not bothering about you two.


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Poster: Ach Chew Date: Jul 4, 2014 7:21am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweekars'?

Ach, Chu der man!
Und a tough one too! Steppen on der puny volks is der besten vay, dots vat I zay!
Der stuffin Ive zeenen vrom chu is video kraften from zomeone elsen. Hast chu any original stuffen to posten?
Vat chu got, mein vrend?

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Jul 2, 2014 7:03pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

Ain't it the trut.... Ain't it the trut...
Man... some people... Ya gotta wonder jus' how true is that old saying.... growing older is mandatory; growing UP isn't.

Noah 8-?